Combat Barbie

June 20, 2017

Combat Barbie

Katrina Hodge is an active Corporal in the British Army & Miss England '09. She enlisted in the army on a dare from her brother & was nicknamed Combat Barbie after showing up to her unit wearing fake eyelashes, heels, & carrying a pink suitcase. While serving in Iraq, she saved the lives of her comrades by wresting not 1 but 2 rifles from a prisoner, then knocking him out w/ her bare hands. After winning the Miss England contest in 2009, she handed over the crown & returned to military service.

Hodge was the first military member to ever enter a UK pageant. She wanted to break stereotypes of females in the Army and in pageants.

As part-time model, at the finals for the 2008 Miss England held on 18 July 2008, she placed fourth and won Miss Eco Girl.

She was quickly signed up by lingerie firm La Senza, Originally she was the runner up in the 2009 Miss England competition, but became Miss England on 7 November 2009 when the pageant winner Rachel Christie stepped down after she was involved in a fight. She only had 48 hours to prepare before taking part in the 59th Miss World pageant held in South Africa.

As Miss England, Hodge managed to persuade the organizers to remove the bikini round from the Miss England competition. This, she said, would change people's views of beauty pageants, from being just about looks and more about the girl. Hodge said "To be Miss England you don't have to be the girl who looks best in a swimsuit, thankfully it's much more than that, it's about being a good role model". The bikini round of the 2010 competition was removed and replaced with a sportswear round. Given six months leave by the Army, she is presently the front person for dating site Uniform Dating, which specifically aims to help military personnel find love.

Return to army

Hodge handed over the Miss England crown to Jessica Linley in September 2010, and returned to active duty in the Army. After various training exercises, Hodge deployed to Afghanistan in early 2011.