Woman with Military Cross

June 22, 2017

Woman with Military Cross

Who is she?

Lance Corporal Kylie Elizabeth Watson MC is a British Army medic from Northern Ireland. She was awarded the Military Cross on 25 March 2011 in recognition of gallantry in Afghanistan. She is only the fourth woman ever to have received the Military Cross. "I didn't believe in a million years I'd get something like that." ​she said.

L/Cpl Kylie Watson, from Ballymena, County Antrim, put herself in "mortal danger" to treat a soldier under heavy Taliban fire in Helmand last year.

She said when her commanding officer called her in to tell her of the award she thought she was in trouble.

"It's still a bit of a shock to the system," she said.

L/Cpl Watson gave medical care in exposed open ground for 20 minutes.

She had previously ran 100 metres in full view of the enemy under sustained fire to give life-saving first aid to an Afghan soldier who had been shot twice in the pelvis.

"We were under heavy fire and whenever you've got a casualty and it's your job to treat them you just go and treat them - I don't really think about it much at the time," L/Cpl Watson said.

"Then after it happened you think 'Oh my God, what have I just done, do you realise how dangerous that actually was'."

She said she was very proud of her award, but was only doing her job.

"Everyone does it, it's not just me, anyone would have done just exactly the same thing as I did in that situation. I just did my job," she said.